The Power and Wisdom with over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Citadel is comprised of a team of experts specializing in all aspects of regulatory law.  An impressive track record of success, coupled with a nationwide network of experts, means The Shield will protect you no matter where in the US you provide professional services.

Our Founder Steven B. Lehat

Envisioned a product that would bridge the gap that Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance creates in providing a more complete protection for advisory professionals.  Especially for those most exposed to the unpredictable and highly costly investigations launched by regulatory bodies including the SEC, FDA, FTC and dozens of state agencies nationwide.

Now you can pre-pay for the very best level of protection available by obtaining Citadel Regulatory Law’s flagship product known as The Shield.

Meet the Team

Our Expert Attorneys

Steven B. Lehat

Founder & CEO

Steven is proof positive that not all attorneys are created equal.  His commitment to creating a true B2B model synchronizes well with business in the current economic climate.  Flat rates, pre-paid services and a focus on delivering real value, not just billable minutes has helped thousands of clients prevail in court and against regulatory actions without the high costs of reactionary solutions.

Mr. Lehat is one of the premier attorneys in regulatory law in the country with a deep understanding of the many complexities and the best course of action in a wide array of potential scenarios.


Mark J. Astarita

Lead Attorney

Mark J. Astarita is admitted to practice law before all state and federal courts in the States of New York and New Jersey as well as the United States Supreme Court. Since his graduation cum laude from New York Law School in 1981, Mr. Astarita has been resolving legal issues for the financial community.

Mr. Astarita has concentrated his work in the area of securities regulation and litigation. During his career he has primarily represented stock brokers, investment advisors, compliance officers as well as their firms, in all aspects of their business and regulatory affairs. His representation includes all regulatory and compliance matters related to brokerage firms, hedge funds and investment advisors including federal and state registration and examinations, court litigation, securities arbitrations, disciplinary proceedings, and regulatory investigations.

Mr. Astarita frequently writes articles for various publications relating to the securities laws. From 1996 through 2000 he was the legal columnist forResearch: Magazine. Most of his columns appear at The Securities Law Home Page.


Peter Flynn

Lead Attorney

It stands to reason that if one faces regulatory investigation of any sort, it would be a great advantage to have an attorney fighting for you that had over two decades of experience working inside the US Securities Exchange Commission.  Mr. Flynn held a number of senior level positions over a 22-year career at the Commission including Special Counsel and Assistant Regional Administrator. As Assistant Regional Administrator, Mr. Flynn had primary responsibility for the Commission’s examination program for broker/dealers, investment advisers, investment companies and transfer agents located in New England. This included some of the largest investment company complexes and investment advisers in the country.

Mr. Flynn represents clients of Citadel Regulatory Law, applying a deep understanding of the regulatory maze and specializing in SEC, state and self regulatory issues affecting broker/dealers and investment advisers.  Mr. Flynn provides expert testimony in securities-related arbitrations, civil actions and administrative hearings.


Kirk G. Downing

Lead Attorney

Mr. Downing has the advantage of understanding international regulatory law and has deep experience navigating regulatory issues that involve foreign interests and issues.  His fluency in Mandarin Chinese enables Mr. Downing to provide invaluable translation in dealings with China based holdings or entities.


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